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Feature Story by JET24

SPRINGBORO, Pa. – For some people, a pet can be like a child, and when it dies, it can be devastating. There is now a way that you can keep your pet with you even after it dies.

Chuck Rupert owns Second Life Freeze Dry, an alternative to burying your pet, or cremation. The process takes several months, but when completed, your pet will look as healthy as ever, forever.

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Video Story by 60 Second Docs

Pet preservationist Chuck Rupert of Second Life Freeze Dry makes the death of a pet easier on owners. With vacuums and ultra-cold temperatures, Chuck’s company prepares and preserves people’s pets just the way they remember them, helping to ease their loss as they move through the healing process.

Podcast Interview by The Groomer Next Door

Christopher Green of The Groomer Next Door interviews Second Life’s Chuck Rupert about preserving your pet after its passing.